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  • The verdict of the long drawn case of CHC will have 2 significant implications. There are two possible scenarios:

    1. That the conman and his gang are found guilty as charged despite all the technical smoke screen thanks to the $millions that have gone to the SCs’ banks and sentenced to long term jail terms (to ensure that they can’t further harm the helpless public). The conman and his accomplishes have all along tried to defend themselves by suggesting that what they have done were not for personal gains but for God…(hehe!!) and mind you all these folks are all Christian leaders. While the discerning individuals will know that even the gang leader who has shamefully claimed that God has said “sorry” to him (lol!) are all nothing but a bunch of people with criminal mind and criminal intent, by claiming to be Christian leaders, they will bring great shame and credibility to Christianity. Many people whom the Great Commission would want to reach out will simply said that they are better off not being Christians. Worst, only a small handful of Christian leaders have to conviction and guts to openly condemn the actions and behaviours of these CHC leaders. Christianity in Singapore will take a really bad name thanks to these sheep in wolves clothing.

    2. That the conman and his gang are found not guilty or just given a small smack on their back. Even before the historic raid on the conman’s and his gang’s homes and offices, the CAD must have been spent quite some resources to monitor and track the activities of the conman and his gang. The amount of time spent by the CAD and Prosecutors to prepare for the trial and the trial itself, court time and the collective $millions of public funds spent on this CHC saga will surely get the public to question the proficiency and efficiency of the Government in managing this CHC saga. If they are innocent, in the first place why spent so much time and money and why take so long to ascertain this outcome?

    What do you think?

  • City Harvest trial: Twists, turns and tears enough to fuel a Korean drama
    It will be at least four months before the verdict in the City Harvest Church (CHC) case is handed down, but after two years, the trial has seen enough twists, turns and tears to fuel a Korean drama.
  • I'm a former usher member in CHC and this is a response to this post, and yes during shifting of halls each time, all the ushers, security and various other ministry members will be mobilized to help in the shifting such as stacking of chairs, logistic cupboards and other items although it was a voluntary thing still many of us stayed back to help in the shifting each time and lasted till at least evening.

    The contractors only came in to help dismantle the terrace setup after we move away all the chairs and also the stage area and the sound system equipments etc, after that will come several huge lorry's which will be making a couple of round trips where the ministry members will help to load up stacks of chairs and other logistic items together with the contractors. Didn't know it cost so much per shift, quite surprised.

    Mrs Light n Friends

    The company that did the Expo shift must be a fat cow!DPP: In E-35, when you refer to the four Expo shift, may be you will be able to tell us, it works out to $500,000 per shift.Serina: YesDPP: Is that how much the church was charged or how much Xtron would expend in carrying out the sshifts for the church?Serina: it is what Xtron will pay.DPP: It's Xtron's cost?Serina: Yes
  • CHC was collecting funds for Nepal earthquake disaster.
    We sympathise with what Nepal is facing now.
    However, my cg members and I have our reservations.
    Kong keep on saying the collected Nepal funds if there is any surplus will keep for future Nepal earthquake.
    50-100 years later?

    If building funds can be transferred out just like that for crossover project and claim no funds are lost, what makes us think that our funds donated will go to the correct places?

    Current members, please give carefully and do not give out of compulsion. Kong also say if you are faithful with little you will be faithful with much. He certainly never practice what he preaches.
  • One of the mysteries of the trial is the accused insistence that CHC did not suffer any loss through all the sham bonds. Now the mystery is finally solved in City News's own report:

    "Although Xtron had used part of the ARLA to buy up the bonds, Tan explained that it was still obligated to provide the corresponding value for which CHC had paid, which in this case was the use of venue for a pre-agreed length of time. Xtron, on its part, would service this obligation with the expected revenue that was to come from the US album sales.

    In essence, AMAC and Xtron were legally bound to compensate CHC for what it had paid."

    But since there is no US album sales, Xtron won't have the revenue to service the obligation and some point in time CHC will either have to forgive the obligation or force Xtron into bankruptcy - either case the money is gone.

    The same with the SOF with AMAC. The money is gone. CHC can sue AMAC but it is not likely that it will ever recover the money.

    So it is not true that CHC has not suffered any loss - it is just that they are kicking the can down the road and sooner or later will have to pay the piper.

    City Harvest Trial: ARLA and SOF Investments Not Sham, Maintains Tan
    The court had previously seen that CHC had paid Xtron a lump sum of over $40m under the ARLA (Advanced Rental License Agreement) to enable Xtron to obtain a new property. Part of that sum was then used to redeem the Xtron bonds.
  • The accused like to say that no church members were deceived, but I was a church member and I felt deceived. We were always told that no church money was spent on Sun Ho and yet, so much money was poured to prop her up and create her 'success'. Those who felt/feel the same way as me would vote with their feet and leave. If the accused can still say no church members were deceived, I wonder how they can sleep at night.
  • Dear Executive Members of CHC during 2002 to 2003, can you please shed some light on what Kong Hee said during the AGM in context of the money spent on Sun's MTV:

    Annual General Meeting script in 2002

    Kong Hee said:

    “The deferred expenditure.. now this is what we spent. Now $231,000, what did we spend on, we spent on this Pastor Sun’s MTV project because we want to use it a tool for evangelism, but this is not just money spent and we won’t recoup because we’re going to recoup it back in a few months time…Now, the cost of the MTV is almost a quarter million dollars, we need to sell 47,000 copies to break even. As of now, 4 weeks later, we actually, today is what.. the 28th of last month was the eve of Easter Good Friday, already we sold 30,000 copies. Now and we haven’t even come to Singapore yet, yes, Amen.”

    Did no EM find it questionable that they were using church money for Sun's MTV without first consulting the members then and no one voiced out at all? And quarter of a million dollars to produce one MTV!?
  • I am really thinking if I should leave City Harvest Church or to help stay and rebuild the house of God. Was telling my CGL who has executive position within the church and she told me not to listen to the lies of the media and the naysayers. But I can clearly tell that the leadership is lying with all the concrete evidences in court already shown. Yet they conduct church as if nothing happens and preach all about the goodness of God. I am at a loss for words.

    My CGL went to tell others about my insolence and defiance to other leaders and they brought me aside to tell me to repent. They told me Pastor Kong nor the others will go to jail as they did nothing wrong because all these happenings were created by God for a purpose.

    I then asked what if they went to jail. They called me faithless and asked me if i had even learnt anything during my 5 years with city harvest church. My CGL then told me that if Pastor Kong and the rest go to jail, they are sacrificing for the world to save more souls and its a strategy from God and that they must follow them. They then used the biblical story of how Paul was sent to jail and how Daniel was thrown into a den of lions yet Jesus set them free.

    They then hinted that there will be a fresh leadership at the church to revitalise and spearhead the future growth of the Christian community in Asia and to be a leader church for Christ with 4 key pastors with Senior Pastor Sun Ho (and her son), Pastor Aries, Pastor Zhuang and Pastor Yi Lun. I was told that God spoke to the other leaders telling them that the thousands who left were actually temporary, learning new solid material from other churches, making use of their time wisely there before coming back with at least 3 friends per person, making us have at least 3,000,000 members and the biggest church in the world because of the 100 fold increase and pay back by God.

    They told me not to fall for the lies of the devil but to stay and glorify God and become the pioneer batch of a new generation of leaders that will be a world changer and world shaker just like Pastor Kong whom we dearly love.

    Any advice? :(
  • The trial resumed this week.

    I would like to encourage all subscribers of CHC Confessions to read the article below:

    Singapore megachurch founder Kong Hee on trial in religious freedom test case

    Indeed, our very religious freedom is being put to the test here? This is not prosecution by man but persecution of the highest level.

    Let me remind everyone that Rev Kong Hee singlehandedly built God the biggest church in Singapore. He has been put on trial because of envy and jealousy in the attempt to clamp down on his popularity and influence. He has not committed any crime and his integrity is maintained.

    The only crime one can accuse him of is a crime of passion -- his passionate and sacrificial love for his wife, which is biblical by the way. Paul tells husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church.

    The bible also says to touch not the Lord's anointed. Yet so many of you continue to do so. Be warned that God says that vengeance is His, so get ready for Him to unleash His wrath upon you sevenfold.

    Kong Hee, Singapore megachurch founder, on trial in religious freedom test case
    Religious freedom? Or misuse of church funds? Those are the questions surrounding the ongoing corruption trial of a megachurch founder in Singapore who has won support from international religious leaders such as Pastor A.R. Bernard.
  • I have watched this case with interest as I was told to be quiet (and my questioning of leadership was clearly disapproved of) when I objected to Kong Hee being booked to speak AGAIN at a Conference at the church I was attending in 2013 in Australia (not a C3 church).

    I loved the people in my church and I was very concerned that he would promote his UNSCRIPTURAL 'crossover' evangelism ideas to our people. Call me old fashioned, but I believe visiting ministry must be carefully vetted and must be absolutely honest in upholding the Word and biblical decency. I saw this as compromise. I saw our leadership choose to promote a 'big name' ministry and show loyalty to a fellow minister, instead of protecting the sheep. I struggled with this hypocrisy. I felt conflicted and realised I couldn't respect that and so took an opportunity to leave and join a smaller, more humble group. It took me a while to feel like forgiving......but I know the Word does VERY CLEARLY warn us to I CHOSE TO, regardless of my feelings.....AND I repented for my anger and holding on to any hurts. Now I'm free and life is peaceful. God knows what is best for us.....that's why He asks us to forgive anyway.

    The Word of God is clear.....regardless of what wrong is done, regardless of whether the wrong is acknowledged or righted......WE MUST FORGIVE. We don't have to stay in an abusive or dishonest situation or trust that situation or person again......that would be stupid. But forgive....Yes! Father God is gracious....He understands it is hard and He will help you all heal, but we all do need to be obedient to the Word. It's about our fellowship with God and our heart. CHC leadership are God's business. And I would not want to be in their shoes if they don't repent.