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  • Read this on City News in the last few paragraphs:

    "At one point, the DPP tried to ask a question with regards to the funding of Sun Ho’s first music album by Attributes Pte Ltd (APL), then a bookstore owned by CHC, in 2002. Chionh asked Lam where the money for that funding came from. SC Tan objected to the question on grounds that the prosecution had said in court earlier that these issues were not part of the charges as they occurred before the time of the charges, and were thus irrelevant to the case. The prosecution had objected to the defense’s line of questioning on this issue when Foong Ai Fang was on the stand earlier this year.

    The DPP replied that they were asking these questions on the basis of the things stated in Lam’s condition statements and the court allowed the prosecution to proceed with the question. Lam replied that back in 2002, the initial funding by APL came from CHC as the Crossover was a church mission until such time that fellow CHC member Wahju Hanafi started to sponsor the Crossover and the monies were returned to APL and in turn, CHC.

    Court resumed at 2.30pm."

    hmm... you mean to say back in 2002, CHC has already used church funds through Attributes to fund Sun's albums? So Roland Poon was right in his claims back in year 2003? Church DID use church funds for Sun Ho's album (at least the first one).

    So how can Kong Hee say no church funds were used for Sun Ho's album?

    If there is really a God, then he is giving Roland Poon justice 10 years later. So, for all the prayer meetings CHC now have, remember Roland also deserved his justice as well. Fair right?

    CHC Trial: Cross-Examination Of Lam Dredges Up Pre-Charge Era Of Crossover Project
    During cross-examination, the DPP questioned Lam on the board’s decision to seek out Foong’s advice instead of the engagement partner of Baker Tilly.

    The followings are 3 news reports on Day 5 of the City Harvest Trial of the Prosecution cross-examining John Lam. Read for yourself which media is reporting half-truths.

    CHC Trial: Board Members Collectively Concerned About Crossover Project Being Discreet
    Xtron’s role as Sun Ho’s artiste manager was kept from the public in order to avoid unfavorable impressions, John Lam explains.

  • The lyin' and the Lam
    Read our article here how the secular news reported the recent CHC case: Chew Eng Han on Lam’s “Stew”…… Look how CHC's propaganda agency reports the case. Do you notice what's missing? John Lam: Cr...
  • I wonder how current CHC members feel after they realise their leaders have been lying to them all this while.

    Poor John Lam's testimony being torn to shreds and still doggedly insisting that Xtron is independent in spite of all the evidences provided by the prosecution. Such blatant lying in court does no good for his case and also for the general testimony of Christians in the eyes of the 'unchurched', if I may borrow this term from the case. Hope people understand not every church is like City Harvest, not every pastor like Kong Hee and not every pastor's wife like Sun Ho.

    And here in the courts, they're only facing charges related to sham bonds in Xtron and Firna to the tune of $50M. What about the many millions siphoned through CHC KL, Multi-Purpose Account, funds raised through BBG etc? They are not being charged for these and I really pity those stupid ones still supporting the legal fund.

    As for me, I'm glad I'm no longer part of the circus and happily attending another church.

    One thing I can't stand is seeing photos of Kong and Sun making their grand entrance to the courts and smiling like he's attending an awards ceremony. Both their skins must be thicker than crocodile skin and have totally no sense of shame and remorse. Hope he gets thrown in for many many years.
  • There is a very big difference between members going overseas and both of them going overseas for missions...

    It's very strange that members in CHC have to fund their own mission funds - even for the basic needs like air fares and accommodation, which usually, for members, travel by economy flights, or if for nearby countries like Malaysia, it'll be by coaches.

    My point is, although pastors like Kong are from the bigger churches, do they really need to travel via first class or business class? It's not like they will bump into many of their members... It could be only one or two.

    It's really rather ridiculous for them to spend such amount of air fares in the name of missions. If they are as famous as those K-POP singer groups, then I can understand their need for privacy... But for preachers?
  • I write this in response to the individual who wrote about wanting to leave the church but is afraid to do so. Leaving a church is easy as all you need to do is to just stop attending services. However, if you are in a cell group it is an entirely different story.

    There are many reasons why cell group leaders do not like nor want their members leaving and they will make every effort to keep you from doing so. Often, they do wonder if that it is something that they are doing wrong and they sincerely wish to find out if it is so, and that is when they reason things out and all. These are the sort who are understanding and if you reason out clearly to them, they will eventually be fine with you leaving and some will even continue to pray for you.

    And then, there are also those who wish to save their faces and just do not want anyone to leave because they spent effort to bring you in and they ain't gonna let you get away so easily.

    I was just a young 17-year-old boy back then studying in a polytechnic in the east (okay everyone in Singapore knows that there is only one Polytechnic in the east) and like you, I was facing the struggle to leave. After all, I was just a young 17-year-old boy and my leaders were in their 20s and there were a few of them, I've also seen cases when they get serious and I definitely would not want to face that. Furthermore, there are many members in the church whom I see in school every single day, there's no way to hide.

    Fast forward about 1 and a half years later, I finally mustered up the courage to leave. Like what some of the replies stated: blocking calls and ignoring texts can be effective but sometimes, it is just good to explain things out to provide complete closure between you and the cell. Of course, I did face a lot of obstacles in leaving and I definitely lost friends - totally lost them; I got even got "defriend" from Facebook and XBox Live (yes, really).

    But we still do wave and smile at each other if we meet on the streets. However, it is clear that the friendships I had with them are long gone and will never be revived. But it's okay, I really wanted to leave and I did. It's part and parcel of life, people come and they go.

    On the other hand, there are still a handful who will still continue to be friends with you even after leaving the cell. In fact, I believe that some will be attending my Commissioning Parade which is happening real soon. All in all, I just want to tell you that it will not be easy to leave and it may not even be possible to do so now, but slowly build up the courage to do so and you will eventually get there. When you do, make sure you make your stand that you are leaving and leaving despite all odds. It will be hard, but if you have to do it, you have to and you must.

    All the best, be brave.
  • I have attended both English Services in Expo and Chinese Services in JW between 2006 and 2012. I tithed and contributed to the building funds although I was merely a student, and I have no regrets for the money contributed. Money that is gone can be earned.

    However, how many of you young peeps entered CHC with a broken heart, received the love of Christ , only to end up leaving because of getting hurt by our "sisters and brothers" in church? I did.

    I never really felt accepted despite attending CGMs and BSs. True they were warm and eager to exchange contacts with me initially when i joined, but it seems all they cared about was my attendance for service/CGMs and BSs thereafter.

    After experiencing CG disbands, I was placed in other CGs which i did not feel a sense of belonging... Thus I left. I still believe in God and I still praise Him .

    Whatever the situation CHC is in now, good luck and God Bless.
  • I don't want to remain anonymous for what I am about to say because I believe I am entitled to free speech and my own opinions without the comfort of anonymity.

    This is Joseph Wee. For some active commentators on this forum, you will know I contribute my opinions from time to time on different subjects.

    I have a request to make of all esteemed brothers and sisters of Christ here in CHC Confessions. Fred Kong... I am sure everyone knows he sounds like a diehard fan of Kong Hee and seems to worship the ground he walks on. Whether he is being satirical with his post or not, it is obvious his intention is not to correct or share his own opinions but to irritate others online and derive pleasure from doing so. Whatever his reasons might be, he is more than welcome to comment (he is entitled to his own opinions of course) but is it possible for everyone to minimise arguing pointlessly with a man who doesn't understand reason or wish to face reality?

    His most recent comments have shown he is in no way trying to offer up subjects for debate or sharing but only intends to call people names or insult others through his unrequited love for Kong Hee. Hence in my opinion, I think he is just messing with everyone. Reply his comments if you will but let's face the truth, it is like trying to reason with a child why candy is bad for health.

    Thanks. I will leave it up to the admins to decide if they want to post a non-anonymous post.
  • I used to attend City Harvest. I've attended since 1998 all the way to 2012.

    I left the church because I was in the service somewhere in 2003 or 2004 where Pst Kong Hee told the congregation that NO FUNDS were used for the Crossover project. During the court proceedings, he admitted to using church funds be it from whatever account it came from.

    I no longer attend City Harvest or any other churches. It's not because I don't believe in God anymore. I just don't believe in the people of God anymore.

    I had friends who came later as compared to me and they couldn't understand why I chose to leave. They claimed I was being disloyal when I said I do not wish to comment on whether or not Pastor Kong is guilty. I said it's up to the judge and God. If he is guilty he is, if he isn't, then it's also none of my business. Words such as lack of faith was branded on me.

    Till this date, NONE of my cell group members have contacted me since I left. It then leads me to believe that the cell group only believed in numbers. Quotes like "Relationship preceedes ministry" were often mentioned.

    I'm 22 this year. And I do not regret leaving City Harvest 2 years ago. I spent my youth there and I'm thankful for City Harvest for modding my character and the friendships that I have forged. But I know what I heard as a youth and I remember.

    For those of you planning to leave City Harvest, bravely do so. Until Pastor Kong can explain why he lied to us or perhaps failed to keep his promise of not using the church funds, i strongly believe in what I heard. Those members who are in the service and remembered that church service in Jurong West, I suggest You think it through again. In no way am I trying to make You "backslide". But I'm just asking You to think through, if that man on the pulpit is telling You the truth.

    Give me something to believe in. Cause I don't believe in the church anymore.