CHC Confessions

  • Among the different media's report on the CHC case, I like reading Asiaone's (Crime) report on CHC. They put it under crime section because it simply is a crime case. The latest report

    It is already turning into one of the longest-running trials here. After 88 days, only three of the six accused in the City Harvest Church leaders' trial have wrapped up their defence.

    The court will resume in Jan 15 where CEH, who will be bring Ho as witness; TYP and SERINA WEE. I think it will be very interesting trial where fingers will be pointed.

    I wonder when the whole saga will end in 2015 because everyone waits for the judge to pass down judgement..

    CHC trial: Major milestones
    About the caseCity Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and five others are on trial, on charges of misusing church funds through sham bonds.

    Wow. From the photo, it is obvious that John Lam actually planned to rope in Pacific Radiance to be part of the round-tripping exercise. (John Lam was the CFO of Pacific Radiance at that time when it was not a listco yet. Pacific Radiance is now listed on SGX )

    The owners and senior management of Pacific Radiance must be thanking their lucky stars that they did not fall for some easy monies and took part in the sham bonds cooked up by City Harvest Church.

    Foong Daw Ching and Jimmy Yim got their names dragged through the mud for taking the easy fees.

    Kong Hee is such a meticulous planner - Paying high fees to Foong Daw Ching and Jimmy Yim so that he can use these accountants and lawyers as his scapegoats for his fleecing of the church coffers.

    The judge will see through Kong Hee's plots:

    At best, Kong Hee is paying high fees to the accountants and lawyers to help him explore the loopholes of the legal system.

    In actual fact, Kong Hee took advantage of the trust and.benefits of doubts given to him as a "Man of God" by these reputable professionals.

    Kong Hee just gave these accountants and lawyers false information and strung them along as fallbacks and insurance policies while he fleeced the church coffers.

    City Harvest Church leaders tried to
    Messages between church leaders Sharon Tan and Chew Eng Han were cited by prosecutors as proof that they tried to not let the church's auditor find out that church funds were used to redeem Firna bonds.
  • Thanks Daren for sharing on inSing.
    I guess this is why many of us left CHC:

    Although I have to say that I (personally) do have made good friends in CHC, and do occasionally text me (not asking me to attend svc) to ask how I am doing. :)

    Why I left City Harvest Church
    A former church member recounts his impressions of Kong Hee and Sun Ho
  • Like a fellow Christian who shared on this site, I agree that what happens here affects ALL Christians [everywhere - as our world is so closely connected by the internet].

    I also think this site provides an important starting point for the healing process of everyone who are hurt by what is happening at CHC. I am so sorry for your hurt and may you find refuge and healing among those who truly seek Christ and Truth (including all your non-Christian family and friends).

    Revealing the truth is important for the truth will set us free! In that spirit, I'd like to comment on something I read in the news:


    Tan claimed that Wee had told her not to record minutes at board meetings that pertained to Xtron's decisions because the church "was not supposed to be aware" of them.

    "It is so as to keep the separation between CHC and Xtron," she said.

    [source: ]


    But it appears from the trial that there is NO SEPARATION between CHC and Xtron, but CHC leaders wanted to keep the APPEARANCE OF SEPARATION. A true separation, like one between the church and state (from study of church history), means one doesn't influence the other, doesn't it? But the leaders at CHC had a lot of say and influence over Xtron, and there is actually no separation between the two entities, but CHC inner leadership needed to keep up that APPEARANCE of it.

    Isn't that called DECEPTION? Somewhere along the way, did CHC leaders forget this biblical teaching?

    Instead, let your message be 'Yes' for 'Yes' and 'No' for 'No.' Anything more than that comes from the evil one." [Matthew 5:37 - ISV - International Standard Version]

    City Harvest trial: 'Xtron is like CHC's GIC'
    SINGAPORE - Xtron Productions is like City Harvest Church's (CHC) own GIC, its founder Kong Hee had told church members in a speech.GIC is a Government-run sovereign wealth fund.
  • City News: Contents Of Kong’s “Confession Letter” Revealed (


    Kong’s 2010 Pleas....

    On June 3, 2010, Kong Hee wrote a 12-page letter to “come clean” about his “negligence”. He ended it with these four pleas.

    • The fallout from my negligence and mistakes is tragic enough for my family. I wonder everyday how this situation will affect my little boy and his future. The impact on the 32,000-plus members will be painfully great as well. With the recent purchase of shares in Suntec Convention, there is now serious doubt in CHC’s ability to fulfill its commitment in the deal. And with their senior pastor’s reputation in question, I’m worried how many members will feel lost and disappointment not just in me, but in Christianity and God as well.

    • Outside of my church, the impact of this on Christianity and the charity sector in Singapore would be unfathomable. I worry that the integrity of all pastors and megachurches will be viewed with great suspicion hereafter. The charity sector, which has already suffered the bad publicities of the NKF and Renci debacles, will take yet another hit because of my ignorance and negligence.

    • I am willing to shoulder the blame of my failure as the senior pastor of service to my church, our society and to lives in need locally as well as internationally. But more than that, I pray that the authorities will help CHC, Singapore Christianity, and the local charity sector navigate through this very unfortunate and damning situation that I have caused.

    • Finally, I plead for leniency even as I recognize my failures and mistakes throughout this entire situation. I see now how wrong many of the decisions I was a part of are now after reviewing them with my lawyers from Drew and Napier. However in all honesty, I truly did not make any of these decisions with the intention of personal gain. I hope that you will believe my testimony above and give me a chance to make amends to become a better person and Christian minister.


    I like how City News put the words "Confession Letter", "come clean" and "negligence" in inverted commas, which I thought were so appropriate, given the fishy circumstance the 12-page document was being penned. For the 5-part hearing on this "Confession Letter" Q&A please refer to: .

    It came as a surprise to many for this late showing of "evidence". Even the judge was at a loss what to call it: statement? letter?

    If the above summary of KH's intention comprising the four points is anything to go by, we can safely conclude it is no confession either. Was there even the slightest hint of remorse? The so-called "confession" threw up more questions than answers, it seems.

    1. It was not submitted to any of the authorities despite KH's claim that that was his instruction to his lawyer, Jimmy Yim. Did Jimmy Yim fail in his duty to carry out his client's instruction?

    2. Why was there no soft copy of this 12-page document that took 6-8 hours and a whole team galvanised into action to come up with the exact dates, monies, email and other vital info for this document to be produced. Isn't it the normal practice in this computer age for the law firm to send a soft copy of any correspondence to its client? If there was no soft copy, how does KH do a "copy & past" of the details, as he claimed to have done?

    3. If -- according to KH -- Serina, Sharon, Teo Meng How, Tan Ye Peng & his wife were present on 3 June 2010, then why wasn't CEH also invited to assist with the info and give his input, since he was key to a number of transactions?

    4. Was there any "coming clean" as in admission of guilt?
    No. All was said were his "mistakes", "negligence", "failure", "wrong decision after reviewing...with [his] lawyers" and lastly, his "worries".

    Firstly, CBT and round-tripping are not "mistakes". They are criminal acts punishable by law.

    Secondly, it seems highly unlikely that the offences were committed due to his negligence. With so many years experience at the helm as chairman of the church board, is this even possible?

    What about "failure" and "wrong decision"? From the email evidences, they appear to be meticulously planned, right down to back-dating certain evidences.

    He's asking to shoulder the blame? For what?

    To shoulder blame for his mistake as a "pastor" is not the same as committing those "mistakes" himself. In "shouldering blame" KH is trying to portray himself as the sacrificial lamb, which he is not. How could he be the sacrificial lamb when he and his wife were the biggest beneficiaries from the scam?

    5. KH claimed: "...With the recent purchase of shares in Suntec Convention, there is now serious doubt in CHC’s ability to fulfill its commitment in the deal."

    If the document was indeed written on 3 June 2010, then what did he mean by CHC’s ability to fulfill its "commitment", since it would have been fully paid for the 20% stake at that point in time?

    It was only in late 2011 that the additional 19% stake was acquired and financed through a $50million loan financing, provided by the seller HPIL.

    So why was it produced at the eleventh hour? What hole(s) was he trying to patch this time?

    City Harvest Trial: Contents Of Kong’s “Confession Letter” Revealed
    The re-examination of Kong Hee ended today with defense lawyer Edwin Tong underscoring that Kong’s state of mind in 2010 when investigations began was consistent with his testimony on the stand.
  • “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:19-21 NKJV)

    Prosperity, Health and Success in this world means nothing if you have lost your salvation.

    In so desperately trying to become a model for their flawed doctrine of prosperity, the leaders of CHC have gone down a path of deceit and deception.

    Many good and Godly men have given up their lives to spread the word of God, that we might know about Him and the gospel, not for a man to use it to deceive his congregation and feed the ego of his wife.

    There is NOTHING edifying about Sun's Hollywood "career". A real pastor should direct his folk to the instructions of God and to think of their eternity, not to pleasures of this world.

    The sheer amount of money that he has taken from his members is obscene, but what is even more disgusting is KH's refusal to repent and seek forgiveness from God. People like him have no place shepherding the souls of others.

    The above video link is Pastor Jentezen Franklin's sermon on a motion sensitive God.

    I remember attending a similar sermon by Kong Hee but I can't find it anymore online. I remember his sermon mentioned that he was in an airplane toilet and as he washed his hands, he described the tap as motion sensitive and proceeded to touch upon the gist of God being motion sensitive. Kong's sermon is a blatant copy of Pastor Franklin's sermon.

    Anyone has a copy or link to Kong's sermon for comparison's sake?

    Motion Sensitive God

    Pastor: Jentezen Franklin Kingdom Connection: Free Chapel Church Pastor Franklin talks about the things we do and things we say affect our relationship with ...
  • I'll like to appreciate the individual(s) who started this page. Whether we admit it or not, or choose to ignore - all Christians, or those who call themselves ex-Christians, are affected by the CHC trial. Thank you for creating this and giving so many people a voice for their grievances.

    Though I'm not from CHC but I was from another mega church years ago. I've experienced similar lack of accountability all in the pretext of "submission to authority". And seen similar lack of independent thinking and questioning all in the name of "touch not the Lord's anointed".

    The CHC saga is a wake up call for all. I thank this site for creating that awareness. The sharing is such a carthartic relief, knowing you are not alone. As much as it's important such sharing continues, taking logical steps often is the best way to move forward in such emotional cycles.

    I've read some commentators who have made several practical useful suggestions. Can I make another one? Instead of just being angsty over past feelings n experiences, why not take practical steps by finding articles, links etc, compiling them and exposing the truth as it is. We need to start calling a spade a spade.

    There are many truths that's still not proven. For instance, for me recently, to hear Kong Hee say he did not gain personally was another great shocker. I do not care if he is lying or in denial, but it's not truth. At all.

    Let's start finding and posting these evidence. This can not only help those who are healing but those who are bound in blind loyalty too. A friend found this about Sun Ho's so called 'sponsored' stay in a delivery suite:

    Let's start viewing and showing the truth as it is.
  • I read about Taiwan Cultural Mandate a few posts below...and would like to confess something.

    I was part of the team for certain legs of the "tour", and throughout the different performances there's this song which they kept emphasizing Sun wrote the lyrics herself (I have forgotten which song it was) and I was quite amazed that she could write such good Chinese lyrics, which definitely wasn't her strong suit. Apparently the lyrics' inspiration came from Sun's personal life experiences...

    However, I found out later from my friend who was also involved in the mission trip that actually the lyrics were written by KC...not Sun...

    Was really stumbled. Why the pretense?
  • My heart will ache and trigger nostalgia of the old PK and SH that I knew whenever I see their pictures or read about them in papers. Even my toddler remembers him and will call out his name whenever he sees a photo of PK in the paper.

    Most important of all, it has brought back memories of God who has been speaking to our hearts about certain events way back in 2003 but we justify it away using our rational thinking and behaviour. I like what the confessor of 41A days sharing about feeling uneasy and the gentle tuggings of the Holy Spirit that we should not ignore.

    Just to name a few events:

    SH is not a pastor...Ed Hardy T-shirts...China Wine video...the focus on high profile people & celebrity...bodyguards surrounding and following PK & Sun...privileges such as special car pass decal for carpark lots behind Expo...TYP's brand new 7 series BMW (my spouse saw him driving and parking into Expo carpark)...PM's focus on the influential people in BBG (Oh cause Jesus focus on Zacchaeus the Tax Collector)...lack of presence of God since Expo days (maybe it is just me)...

    We got to hear from the other side first in May 2013. Anyway, the church is unable to comment much at that time as they said that there is a trial going on.

    Just to name a few...No US$5mil contract...PK & TYP not tithing....MPA..S$2.1 mil for CHC KL as BF was transferred to Crossover Project as salaries for 2 staff...false attendance figures...PK and foreign speakers engagement fees based on church size...etc

    But we still chose to stay in CHC and wait for his side of the story cause PK said so himself: "I maintain my integrity...Many allegations were made in the media... please know there are always two sides to every story. I look forward to the day that I can tell you my side of the story in court."

    Does he want us to hear his side of the story? My personal opinion is NO. Cause I encountered behaviour and actions that says otherwise. I have to queue up @ 4.45am to get the court hearing tickets cause about 10-16 SOT students will be there around 5am to queue up. They will pass the tickets to a coordinator. When news about hoarding of tickets came out in the press, they said that SOT volunteered for some parents who can't come and queue for it themselves due to busyness of life. I beg to differ as the court is always half filled. And some of them who were there were not listening to the trial but busy with their phones if the security guard don't catch them. But thanks to the news report, I don't have to queue at 4.45am but 9.30am outside court 1 and they will let you in at 10am subject to seat availability. While queuing outside the court, I caught a guy staring at me for a few seconds before discreetly marking his blue file. Seating one empty seat away from him is Suraj whom I saw for myself passing tickets to a Pastor and a church staff and the same guy will mark his blue file again. Then I realised that it might be an attendance file? For what purpose? So that they will know who attended and the profile of the attendees? Why? I don't know and I don't wish to speculate. But if you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide from anyone?

    I was glad that I attended cause I get to hear from the horse's mouth (i.e. first hand information).

    No US$5mil contract materialised by Jun 05 but the members were not informed...PK tithed to MPA (although it is for Crossover Project and PK & SH's livelihood but still my opinion his personal bank a/c)...false attendance records 12K vs 33K...MPA deficit due to SH's salary & royalties of $440K in 09 that was hidden from MPA donors as PK shared in court that it was confidential...First Day Cover is personalised and can be bought from any China post office and not given by officials cause there will be an official stamp on to various Pastor & ZS to buy SH's CDs in the retail stores and not warehouse/APL and each zone are tasked to buy (PK shared in court that only CDs purchased from retail stores will up the music charts)...

    When I tried to verify these facts with my CGL, I noticed a pattern in Q&A (current CHC members to note)...EITHER HALF TRUTH...OH that is not the actual MPA budget (true but only 50% fact cause there is another budget with the deficit due to SH's salary & royalties of $440K in 2009 and a letter to ask each donor for S$10k plus if possible to cover the deficit)..OR HE WILL GO ROUND THE QN W/O no US$5mil contract...OH she has decca/universal taiwan/Tonos without answering yes or no....the focus has changed from "I maintained my integrity" to "he is normal as all normal people makes mistakes" did he made a mistake or not?...

    But I won't forget their teachings and sacrifices that old PK & SH have taught us. There are everlasting cause I believe that they did not start out like that right from the beginning like that. Probably greed and great love for his wife and her desire to be a superstar. I am only curious about one thing. Is it Adam or Eve who sinned first? But never mind. That is a separate topic by itself and I don't need a conclusion for that.

    For now, as for me and my household, we will continue to serve the Lord but in another church until the leadership realigns its focus by placing God's CHARACTER, VALUES, TRUTH as well as God as HEAD of the body above UNITY.

    I think God still loves CHC a lot as he does with other churches and every single one of us (Christians or not). There is definitely an end intended by God as he is gracious and merciful and we should let Him do his job while we continue living our lives with a moral conscience, apply the character of God into our lives and most importantly all to rebuild our trust and confidence and let go and let God take care of the disciplining as well as forgiveness & restoration part.