CHC Confessions

  • Kong Hee be like...

  • I was young, charming and ambitious. I came to a church with so many other young professionals. I was intrigued by the shining building and stylish pastors. I was inspired every week by the preaching. I loved the music and the energy. No place fitted better for me. I quickly went as a regular member to an intern to my CGL, and then to a CGL in training and then to a CGL. I gave and tithed because money was never an issue for me. I liked the attention from my members, I liked the authority, I enjoyed the 'fellowship' with the other members and leaders. I had fun at the leaders' meetings where the leaders were so motivated in "reaching out in more memberships and raising more money" for the next services. I craved for the adrenaline, the busyness, the pressures to reach out to more members, to raised more tithe for my CG and more building funds money. I enjoyed being "served" like a boss by my members like how KH being served as the big big boss.

    Then, I grew up. I stopped going to church. But I became a black-belt (term KH liked to use) charmer, a smooth speaker, a master manipulator, a sharp business-minded person, and above all a stylish one. I was equipped and trained by the church to succeed in the marketplace. Well, of course I idolized KH for being such a good mentor to me.

    Years go by, I did well as a disciple of KH until my mom brought me to her church on my 30th birthday; where I saw a totally different scene. I met humble people, I saw poor people, I saw a pastor (who was a doctor too) gives free medical treatment to the sick. I now know what a REAL church is supposed to be in opposed to a "Hollywood" church.

    I then been having a long heart-to-heart with my mom and confessed all my shenanigans to her and she promised to be with me when I am ready to repent. "浪子回头金不换" she said.
  • With regards to lawyer Edwin Tong's cross examination on 30th Jan, Sun Ho's songs hit number one on Mediacorp radio charts based on amount of airplay. I have faint memory of church members gathering together tearing dedication sheet off newspapers/magazines and dedicating Sun's song to boost the airplay. Anyone remember that?
  • I have a confession to make. For months, I had bought into Chew Eng Han's story that he was the bastion of truth and represented the truth and only the truth, due to his breakup with Kong Hee and gang. I was one of those who visited Chew's FB page n even Mrs Light blog to wish him well n to cheer him on for saying things in court that the other lawyers did not dare to say. Now it seems that it maybe 1 big elaborate plot to fool the public n even the courts. How can he still maintain that no monies were lost in funding Sun Ho's secular career? How could he agree with Edwin Tong that SH's Sun*day had topped the charts prior to the buyback from the church? How could he still be calling Kong Hee his 'spiritual father' after all that has happened? I have the strange sense of déjà vu that we have been 'round-tripped' n strung along this journey that Chew Eng Han has planned all along. I have a 'prophecy' that the suit against him will be dropped by the church n he will be welcomed like a 'prodigal son' back to the folds....The drama extends beyond the court rooms n into the Internet space...don't be fooled by everything that others proclaim....'Actions speaks louder than words'....n CEH's actions shows that he is playing both sides of coin n tugging on people's heartstrings along the way. Don't be fooled so easily...fellow netizens.
  • AR Bernard has shown himself to be nothing more than a money grabbing and greedy false preacher and prophet. Saw exhibits in court that he was given about $245,000 in one of the years when he preached in Singapore. There were other big amounts paid to him in other years and other preachers, which I cannot remember but saw in court exhibits.

    This time round in Singapore, how much was he paid to talk over this weekend? Or not to speak or reply to the open letter by Chew Eng Han?

    Where is your word of honor, Pharisee AR Bernard? I remembered seeing in your post that you will be replying? That was since last year. It's your decision if you choose to turn blind and deaf to Truth. But you will have to answer to God one day. We all do too. Even if I am the type that prefers to remain quiet and low key, there comes a time I have to stand up and be bold to speak out against all the greedy, self righteous and pompous false teachers, preachers and prophets.
  • You were a multi-millionaire living in Sentosa Cove and yet often portrayed yourself to be pitiful and sacrificial in going off church payroll. You even had the cheek to use church funds to pay for your sky high business and first class air tickets on your constant travels when you knew that members were sacrificing their time and money to give to the church.

    The real celebrity is not Sun, but you, Kong. You have far outshone her and deserve a Best Actor award for all the times you lied without even so much of a flinch such that both of you can live a luxurious and glamorous life.

    Your life's motto is not "loving God wholeheartedly, loving people fervently", it's actually "fake it, manipulate, lie, cheat, whatever it takes till you make it"! It is astounding that a serial liar and master manipulator like yourself can still stand behind pulpits and preach. Such is the culture you have built in CHC that no one dares to disobey or even question you. But a day will come when you will no longer stand behind a pulpit but in a dark and lonely prison cell.

    Wake up City Harvesters... Stop being so naive and use the brain that God gave you to reason! The entire Crossover Project was but a facade so that they need not become rich and famous through their own pockets but through yours.

    If it was truly God's will, did they have to resort to using church money to buy up her CDs and singles on iTunes? He manufactured her success and yet he claimed that he prayed very hard for her to reach no. 1 and God answered his prayer! It is equivalent to an athlete taking drugs to boost his performance and shouting hallelujah when the race is over! In this instance, Kong Hee was the drug lord, the other five accused were his dealers and we were the only spectators who were silly enough to clap and cheer when we saw her outrunning others.

    Our love and respect for them as our spiritual leaders was genuine but they had decided long ago to make use of our support and loyalty for their PERSONAL GAIN, under the guise of evangelism. They had taken us for a ride and used God's name in vain. There will be consequences, no matter how many overnight prayer meetings City Harvest Church organise.

    (Screenshots from

  • It's our fault too. We as members and leaders should be responsible for how things unfolded.

    Those were my thoughts after reading the various news reports, blogs and online comments. I had been a member when we worshiped at World Trade. Lots of good memories through those early years. But when it came to having checks and balances in the church. We probably didn't do that good of a job. At EGMs, intimidation was dished out to whoever challenged or contested the top tiered leadership. It was almost as if they were untouchable. Yet on the other hand, it was ingrained in us to be fiercely loyal (like David's mighty warriors). Yes, we were gullible taking everything at face value. In some sense, we trusted blindly, loved deeply, gave sacrificially and served faithfully.

    I'm glad that many like myself have left CHC. I believe many have left with heavy hearts. The feeling of being abused and violated is hard to shake. These were our spiritual leaders and some would call our spiritual parents. For those who have left and went on to other churches, I'm glad that they didn't abandon their faith. For those who stay, especially those who are on staff, I wonder why have they traded their conscious for a paycheck. I get that being on staff can be a glamorous job - the attention, authority and acknowledgement of being in a relatively cool trendy group. Yet is it worth it? Is it worth propping up a system that only benefits the elite few? Is it worth lying to the members saying that all this is simply malice and unwarranted persecution? Or perhaps the jobs that they hold are the only jobs they've had since graduating from poly or uni.

    How do we go about to shut this beast of a system down? Money isn't the evil. It's the lusting and the coveting after it that is. How much is ever enough?

    I pray that those still in CHC would find the courage to ask for greater transparency. Don't be blinded by emotionalism and smooth sayings. Don't settle for integrity that is baked in half-truths. Don't play church, it's time to be the prophetic church you were meant to be.
  • The CHC trial continues in court today. Here's a non-exhaustive list of the lies of the mastermind as compiled by Patrick Liew:

    1. In 2003, KH was quoted in the Straits Times and requested the auditor to announce during an AGM that ‘no church funds were used’, for SH’s music career. It was revealed in Court that indeed monies were used as way back as 2001, thru Attributes bookstore before the formation of Xtron in 2003. Despite knowing this, KH forced Roland Poon to make a public apology in the newspapers, when the latter alleged that church funds were used. Roland had to come up with substantial fees for the public apology, as well as endure embarrassment to his personal reputation and damage to his business.

    2. In 2005, KH had announced that SH had received a USD5 million contract from Tonos Entertainment to pursue her career in USA. This was found out to be a fabrication. Enterprising netizens had revealed that Tonos Entertainment had already closed down as of 1 Sep 2003. So the company did not exist as of 2005 and could not offer SH any contract at all.

    3. In the landmark Suntec deal, it was revealed by KH that they were ‘majority co-owners of Suntec’. This was revealed not to be true. The church was only 1 of 6 shareholders in Suntec Singapore (and not whole of Suntec) and owned a minority stake only. They had in fact only entered into a rental-lease agreement for the 6th floor area.

    4. KH announced that the auditorium for the Suntec area could seat 12,000…. despite knowing of commercial restrictions of use of commercial space by religious organizations. Netizens revealed that the auditorium space could only seat 5,706. In fact, even after renovations were completed in 2012, the official seating of the 6th floor auditorium is now rated as 6,000.

    5. As of 2010, KH had announced that congregation was 33k strong. However, an online leak of the official attendance showed that it was only about 14k+. This forced the church to do an internal assessment of how church attendance was calculated and they had to backtrack on their original figures.

    6. He always maintained that he was not on the church payroll, early on, after the debacle of the NKF saga. This was actually not really true. He drew on the privately funded MPA, which was maintained by the donations of a group of church goers. He was also reimbursed various of his expenses e.g. airfares, overseas mobile fees and other expenses, from Xtron, whose funds were mainly derived from the church.

    7. He said that Wahju Hanafi made a personal guarantee to underwrite the costs of the Crossover project in 2002. This was found to be actually not true. The personal guarantee was backdated to 2010, after the 5 accused homes have been raided and charged. There is also no evidence that Hanafi made good on the guarantee or else the church would not be suing CEH and AMAC for ‘losses’ incurred.

    8. In 2008-2009, he gave Xtron $46.3 million just to ‘look for a place for the church’. This was actually not true. In 2010, he credited the entire founding of Suntec to SH. The $46.3 million was supposed to allow Xtron to secure the purchase of the Riverwalk unit, Crossover expenses and also to regain the rights to SH’s musical production from Ultimate Assets.

    9. He claimed that he only got USD2,800 from each speaking engagement. Yet based on this amount is able to raise $10 million in 5 years. He seemed to have forgotten that each time he flies out of Singapore, he is incurring costs for airfares, meals and accommodation…..he makes a loss everytime he speaks! So, how is able to raise $10 million in 5 years if he is only getting USD2,800 per speaking engagement?!

    10. He also wanted to claim (together with the rest of the leadership) that no monies were lost (after backtracking on ‘No monies were used’). Is that so? In 2009, the Church highlighted figures on $114 million+ in actual collections from 2005-2009, including surpluses from the JW church building fund. However, only $64.9 million was reflected in the Church Building fund as of FY2009 Financial statement of CHC. Where did approx. $50 million go?
  • The trial resumes and I am very happy to note that God's hand of protection is truly upon Pastor Kong.

    In spite of the countless and baseless accusations made against him so far, his integrity remains firmly and absolutely intact.

    Jesus went through one night of interrogations, and his accusers could find no fault. Likewise, and probably even more so, Pastor Kong has had to endure so many days and even weeks of endless persecution, and has emerged unscathed and totally blameless.

    Like what Prov 15:23 says, he has found joy in giving apt answers because God has provided him with timely words.

    I notice that Pastor Kong has one area of weakness though, which is that he relied too much upon others because he thought he could trust them: the auditor Foong, the lawyer Jimmy, and the rest involved in the Crossover Project. They really screwed it up for him big time.

    Had he done everything himself, the Crossover Project would have been as successful as City Harvest Church itself.

    Unfortunately, like what he lamented, he is not Superman.

    The auditor, lawyer, and the other co-accused are the ones who collectively got him into trouble because they didn't do a good job. I wonder how they are able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing how much they have let a righteous man of God and their spiritual mentor down.

    I hope they will not desert him the way the disciples deserted Jesus in His final hour. Already, Chew Eng Han has betrayed him like what Judas did, and we all know what happened to Judas. Please don't make the same mistakes.

    In closing, here is a verse of encouragement for Pastor Kong. Stay strong, God will vindicate you!

    为攻击你而制成的武器,都没有效用; 在审判的时候兴起来与你争辩的舌头,你都必定它为有罪。 这是耶和华众仆人的产业, 他们的义是从我而得;这是耶和华说的。 (以赛亚书 54:17 CNVS)